​NAIROBI: Misuse of antibiotics out of control


Let’s talk about how I almost got my face damaged with an overdose of antibiotics,  I’m not sure they were antibiotics but according to my condition, I thought something like that … you know I’m not a doc so anything my doc recommends I know is perfect for me. And that’s the reason they spend more years in class than most of us. I must admit I hate medicines especially the big capsules or tablets. If I could well recall, the only time I finished a full dosage of antibios is when I had typhoid, more than two years ago. If you were to ask me to choose between typhoid and malaria I would rather Malaria. I still hate the fact that I was down for more than three weeks because typhoid couldn’t let me have fun.

I managed to see my physician in time, too slippery because of running more than five clinics different towns but the best. The first thing he asked me was if there were any other medications I was taking or anything new I had used, of course, I had taken antibiotics but I couldn’t recall which ones since I had already finished the dose… maybe the chemist guy might have been in a good position to remember. More random questions followed, honestly to the questions didn’t make sense but I was forced to answer because I desperately needed a solution to fix back my face. Why was he asking me how many hours I sleep in a day? It depends there are times I stay up late if I tired I sleep early spending more than 8 hours in bed. I didn’t see how this was related to my problem. The interview took approximately 30 minutes, we argued a lot because there are things I thought they were not necessary him asking me. He kept writing and stopped to shut me up while I was explaining how I lost 50 thousand in gambling after one team failed me. He kept writing.

I knew this was going to be an injection because he wrote a lot of notes, so I began to prepare myself psychologically just in case. Growing up as a kid if a doctor took so many notes about my condition he would give an injection definitely. Injections are the worst experiences that ever happen to me. I felt like I wanted to go for a short call, my stomach felt empty too. I excused myself.

Half an hour later, I asked if he was going to inject me…

He said no.

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