​Prescribing Myself a New Playlist

I need to change my music prescription, new playlists new stuff that means new sound altogether. Who doesn’t like music? Music inspires, encourages, entertains, changes mood and above all connects the souls. That is why I still listen to Spanish and still connect which the artist. Music is medicine; I would classify it as either a supplement or painkiller. Before I do anything, I wish to thank everyone for reading my blog especially during the tail part of 2017; those sweet likes on posts are so special. I like begging the year with a playlist that is cool, inspiring and motivating. I always ensure my playlist is a balanced diet, number reason why I am not rigid to a specific category of music. This year I am looking for adventure, I would like to discover new great music artists from around the world; it will be thrilling if someone shares with me their playlist or type of music they like. Mostly I have been getting new playlists from friends and sometimes through chatting with people online.

So let me share my medical history or rather my previous music type before I get a new prescription, this time round something unique and different. I know I will go back and revise the old schools and more enticing artists are going to drop their new albums.


The Pharmacy by Dr. Dre is one dope show that makes me feel I am in a real pharmacy every time I listen to a new episode. Dr. has inspired me a lot, not directly into doing music but as an artist. The way he takes his time to create his beat and sound is amazing.  Episode 61 of the pharmacy is the coolest; celebrating the 25th anniversary of the chronic was the best way to crown 2017. The chronic album, which was released on December 15, 1992, is chronic af literary. I have played and replayed episode 61 severally it is addictive and my best.

West Africa

Let us begin with is Victoria Kimani still on loan in Nigeria or the transfer is complete.  Most Kenyan see her as more Nigerian than Kenyan despite the fact that she is from Kenya. She has done wonderful collabos with the likes of Sarkodie and Khuli Chana. On the other hand, Yemi Aladi has explored and managed to get a huge fan base in Kenya, which is remarkable. I listened to her album Mama Africa sometime back and I will admit she has a great lovely voice. Her latest single with Nyashinski speaks for itself.

Last year I have listened to more of Wizkid but I must say Mr. Eazi caught my attention, I am not yet sure whether he is from Nigeria or Ghana but his music is cool and more African with a unique voice.  I never liked Davido until I listened to FIA, one so emotional and composed track. I am beginning to listen to less of Sarkodie I do not know why.

South Africa

I know South Africa has several fine artists; honestly, I have never explored South Africa’s music, which is awkward. I have always been a fan of Mafikizolo for long since Khona, I swear I have not listened to more of their music in 2017. Last time I checked they were doing something featuring Jaguar.

East Africa

It has been a breakthrough year (2017) for Diamond platinumz with him crowning it with Waka Waka featuring rick ross after another international collaboration with Neyo despite the side shows with his baby mama. On my playlist, I played Zigo (the remix of course) by AY, Darassa ft Ben Pol – Muzik and Alikiba – Seduce Me from Tanzania. Unforgettable French Montana ft. Swae Lee from Uganda is so unforgettable and I cannot forget also playing my darling Elani ft. Chameleone from Uganda.

Nairobi has been all about who is KING ha-ha! Rappers from Octopizzo, King Kaka (rabbit the King) to Khaligraph Jones fighting for who has bigger balls than the rest. Then Femi One against other female rappers, 2017 was flames and insane for real. On my playlist, Octopizzo still rules for originality and creativity. Since his album LDPC (I banged for a whole year) he never disappoints, his new projects – Bank Otuch, Tergat Gang and sing alone are lit af. King Kaka’s Kaka Empire has really changed the game with several upcoming artists. He is lyrical, I have listened to all of his tracks, what has dominated my playlist is Lini ft rich mavoko. Run Ting ft Fena Gitu is fresh and new and am madly in love with that track. Ooh, my goodness I have PHY- RUKA ft King Kaka and Khaligraph Jones, I do not know what happened to her maybe she stopped doing music, and I will Google. I am beginning to like timmy dat his new jam with Dela – We’ll be Ok is hot. Sauti Sol is a group of artists that is selling Kenya to the world I almost forgot to mention, I have been listening to their album live and die in Africa the whole of 2017. Their controversial melanin is still boiling on my playlist. There are artists am leaving out but no worries I will revisit this, KE music is everything.


USA is the mother of music, I have consumed a lot from the US no lie. Furthermore, most artists borrow their style from US. On my playlist you will find, Kanye West, Future, Alicia Keys, Migos, Rick Ross, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Dj Khalid, Ty Dolla Sign, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, fifth harmony that list is endless lol.

The UK

Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, Adele.


I seriously need to explore Asia, I cannot think of any artist.


I just heard about Amy Shark’s Adore the other day, I like her song and great lyrics.


They have love songs, There is one I used to listen to I cannot remember.

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