Double Strength Prescription

How could we end this weekend without filling one or two prescriptions? Being December I felt it would be awesome to prepare a double dose remedy. I noticed most of you prefer information that can help you do abcd e.g how to or where to. Two thousand and seventeen is almost knocking off, interestingly I have not traveled with this blog from point a to b with the posts just being stagnant. We have been all about prescription this, prescription that, now December is here hot and dusty. 

I must admit this is the best weather for morning exercise. Despite the days being hot during the day, the nights are cool and calm. Ironically, most of us are lazy to take advantage of the weather so that we can keep fit. As we tapper-off towards January Nairobi gets less and less crowded since several people are traveling to see their loved ones in the countryside the peak being 24th December. The remaining lot programs itself into a drink, eat and sleep routine. Nonetheless, pharmacies remain open if possible 24 hours. What are we prescribing again?

December is that month where people get those, please come with… kind of messages. A month whereby also people fulfill their “I will bring you … when I come… ” promises. Medication is part of what people can give as their best. Also for the peace of mind patients on long-term prescriptions prefer filling a two-month dose or something that can push them through January hassle free. For a well-stocked pharmacy during this month is the busiest it can ever be.

The pharmacy too gets to sell more medication for stomach issues. “I am having diarrhea…” becomes the new greeting before as the client pours out more problems. I would rather you be cautious what you drink and eat because instead of running to this pharmacies for help while you could be chilling somewhere enjoying quality time with family and friends. Resist the temptation of overfeeding and over drinking quantity is not quality.

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