Good Health Is Not Something We Can Buy


Some of the supplements we are consuming may seem not to be of good health benefits at all. For one to benefit much from these supplements they are supposed to take them for a longer period of time. Management of pain especially joint and back pain is already a major health problem lately. Most people complain of taking painkillers for a very long time including supplements but the pain doesn’t go off. This has seen most guys with pain change from one analgesic to another and switch between supplements for joints.

Analgesics are only meant to temporarily relieve you from pain after some time the pain comes back again if the underlying problem(s) has not been dealt with.  The major challenge comes in when supplements which are expensive don’t work at all. Instead one starts experiencing more problems other than the pain alone. Some people claim their fingers and do become numb as a result of taking supplements, others experience pain which cuts across their legs from the knee to the ankle. Many have suspected this as nerve pain.

Managing pain alone is becoming very expensive, it raises eyebrows to find out a number of supplements don’t work for pain. The only thing that changes are the brands of supplements, physicians and pharmacists keep juggling between new and old supplements but still, the feedback is the same, “I’m still in pain, the pain came back after I finished the dose”. This makes it look awkward because we are not dealing with machines here but human beings.

A person taking these painkillers for a very long time develops ulcers. Also like I mentioned earlier, a person taking joint supplements complains of nerve pain. The worrying issue is even guys below 30 years of age are complaining of knee and back pain. This calls for more innovative ways of managing the underlying cause of pain.

The ministry of health we expect should catapult all medical practitioners to rise to this challenge and commit itself to undertaking measures to address this problem. This will create a real opportunity to learn from case studies through feedback from patients. We face an epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases, while less is being invested in innovation. We need radical change and research is the key to unlocking this. Good health is not something we can buy, however, it can be an extremely valuable saving account.

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    1. vwani says:

      Thanks you for reading Aman,

      1. Aman Thakur says:

        You are welcome…:-)
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        1. vwani says:

          Sure I am looking forward to reading more of your latest lifestyle posts on my reader.

  1. Thanks for sharing this insightful post! I’m not a medical professional… Please allow me to share some thoughts nonetheless 🙂
    I feel that supplements should be able to help the pain go away only if the particular type of molecule is lacking in a person’s body and causing the pain. Also, I feel that it may depend on the brand of supplement one is taking. Some brands have better manufacturing processes that are close to pure, while others may have some other unessential ingredients within them.
    Also, I agree that humans cannot buy our health. The underlying cause of knee and joints pain is likely to be because of the great number of hours people are using to sit in their office chairs in such a period where many people desire to work in offices. Because of this, the office working population is having a lack of exercise, and so such chronic pain arises.

    What do you think? Hope some of my suggestions may be useful for your future posts 😀


    1. vwani says:

      Thank you very much! I agree with what you are saying 100%. Good quality supplements really help big time with the pain when you are missing vital vitamins & minerals. Lifestyle factors can contribute to chronic pain especially sitting in the office for long hours without exercise as you mentioned. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle is key, exercise at least three times a week for 30-40mins is critical for the overall health. I am genuinely glad you took your time to contribute to this, I am sure I left out a lot and you dropping your comment here is basically filling what I left out.

  2. Brilliant post. Supplements should be beneficial to health and serve a given purpose. I believe we should look out for our health, prevent diseases; where we can than opting for curative measures.

    1. vwani says:

      Thank you for reading the post. I totally agree with you Vivien..

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