I Really Miss This

It is not new, at some point in life, we all have that moment we don’t feel like doing anything apart from just laying down and relaxing. This week has been one of those moments for me; I even don’t feel like writing. Most busy bloggers recommend that you should have at least 20 articles in your draft folders so that at moments like this you don’t struggle. All you need is to brush through an article you think is appropriate at that time then post it. To keep myself on the toes I decided to take the picture above out of curiosity.

I have always wanted to work with a photographer so that I get those cool classic high-quality images. Sometimes I wish I could save some money for a nice camera but that all never come true. I regret having to debate my brain whether I really need that or no, nevertheless I am sure I will one day have that cool camera. That random photo got me excited the moment I saw it while flipping through pics on my device in the evening.

I love nature. This was one amazing shot you wouldn’t believe It was taken in Nairobi. I feel taken back several years ago when I see it. I wanted to edit it using black white filters to achieve something artistic but then I felt it doesn’t make sense. When I was a kid this was the kind of environment that surrounded us, we would find it fun playing in that water. The most favorite part was getting clay so that we could mold some cows, cars or whatever. Our parents were not cool with this and it is sad that you would get punished for this.

Now I am looking at this kind of environment with a different eye. In the city, an environment like this is filthy and the smell is awful, if a kid played in that and came out healthy, it would be a phenomenon. First, the water is stagnant and second people are throwing stuff into the same. Thanks for the paper bag ban at least only empty bottles are left. The bottles could harbor mosquitoes and we all know what they are capable of doing.

Some areas in Nairobi seriously need proper drainage. What I am happy about is that that photo gave me the best through back feeling ever.


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