If I Had A Girl, She Could Have Gone Out Of Stock By Then

The other night I could afford some decent sleep after rounds of trying out different poisons that ended up being ineffective. I was so stressed up and could hardly get better sleep. Every time I wanted to go to bed I would think over it and wonder about all those hours I will have to endure them. I wished I could have something that could help me get to sleep immediately I am in bed. I would stay up for long before going to bed. Four hours appeared to be years. If I had a girl, she could have gone out of stock by then!

I’d wake up in the morning feeling disoriented, pain all over. It felt like stinging pain around the neck, ankles and the back. After taking a shower, I felt fresh and rejuvenated. I could scrutinize my shirt and trouser the way a controlled prescription is checked before dispensing just to make sure I don’t embarrass myself. “I will tell then I got it while I was on the bus” I would think to myself. That is the least I wished could occur. I trusted myself that I don’t get to that.

One day I almost freaked out, the good thing, thanks I realized before them. I was attending to one of our clients; just a regular refill then the shock came. Bending over to pick some medicine in one of the drawers, I saw it! Pretending that I was going for more medicines for the prescription, I immediately tore to the room behind the counter, sometimes it is used as the consultation room, grabbed a pair forceps, I could see it visibly. I used the forceps to squeeze it, the characteristic awful followed. I must have taken more time than expected.

I got back to my client looking confused with sweat all over my face. My voice changed had I could feel. The customer tried to bring up a joke about how it must have been very hot in there. I ignored whatever the client was saying and continued writing the instructions. Once I was done with the client I went back to the room to wipe out the sweat on my face, I then took a glass of water to calm me down. I appeared suspicious to the rest of the team but that did not bother me.

As for now, I am confident I will still enjoy great nights. I hope that those bedbugs will never breed again. Just in case they come back again, I am going to double their prescription!




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