Internet Is The Best Tool To Learn {#SelfTaught)

Having a blog is something people always treasure, it is like having a trophy. Human beings have that natural urge of sharing, it could be what is inside their souls or an experience. The feeling of being noticed is evident in everyone, could be real life or online life. Everything we do daily narrows down to having a purpose in life by helping someone a friend, family member or a stranger. There is nothing motivating like living life with purpose; take care of your marriage, take care of your kid (s), see your business grow, discover new stuff that helps people, share knowledge whatever it is above all stay happy and healthy.

So, is your blog a multivitamin or a painkiller? I asked myself the same question the other day checking through my former blog drafts, a blog that I was sure was going to be amazing but turned out to be smoke. The passion of sharing on the blog was blown away after within a few weeks and the blog died like that. I must admit reading through the first posts I could feel those tears joy in my eyes. What the fcuk was I writing? I have come a long way though, and I am proud of myself for the slight improvements. I achieved whatever I wrote there(in that piece of a blog), my goal was to share everything and my progress which I am sorry I was not in a good position to share. 

I am certain I will be able to share all the posts here. The only way we can predict or project the future is looking into the past and comparing that with the present. My advice to anyone starting out with anything is, start something! Begin and give your best. Wait!… now I sound like I have made it already while this is exactly what every blogger is preaching out there. I am cool with it anyway. Your 100% could be someone’s else 10% and your 20% could be 100% for another person. I will keep repeating myself but above all, I consider everything as an experience and worth sharing.

We all have challenges, struggles or flaws that we feel bad about. I have come to believe nothing changes you (the you in you), we are different in personalities and that makes each individual useful to the another. I have made this blog by watching and reading DIY web tutorials which have seen this blog reach this far. I am grateful I have managed to self-teach myself through help from internet people. There is no other way I can be thankful but say “thank you to you reading this.

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