Kenyatta National Hospital Succumbs To Rape Allegations 

Kenyatta National Hospital is at it again after rape allegations were raised on social media platform Facebook. Apparently a woman who was going to breastfeed  her babies at 3am in the health facility nearly got raped according to the post. This got twitter and Facebook users into condemning the institution for not taking any action. The CEO Lily Koros has come out to defend the allegations saying no incident had been reported through the hospital’s suggestion boxes.

I have known KNH for slow service, long queues and large crowds. Visiting hours are something else, everyone has to be checked by security officers before they enter into the hospital and it is usually messy.  With the type of crowds seen at KNH you will never expect that since people are coming to see patients, these are good people. These could be different manner of people from pick pockets, beggars to conmen. This could be worse if there was no specific hours of seeing patients. Despite the place having security to ensure no one sees a patient outside normal hours anyone who  understands the place well can fake themselves inside.

For women to be harassed sexually by healthcare professionals (that I’m sure of) is possible and can happen in any healthcare setting. Whatever women go through is just hard and heartbreaking to come out and explain. Men are becoming animals but for this sexual allegations to be termed as rape is almost close to impossible for a place like KNH. I am not defending any rape allegations and I don’t support that altogether, what I trying to say is that the place is so public with surveillance cameras and we don’t expect people to be that careless. The facility is also full of students snooping around therefore it’s not private and very few areas are restricted. On the other hand anything is possible in consultation rooms and unfortunately we can’t be sure about what goes on in there. 

KNH lifts used to be faulty and people who had used the lifts would warn anyone to using the lifts at their own risk.  What if you got robbed in the lifts? That’s just another an answered question and reason why women or anyone are not advised to enter the lifts alone. The lifts are sometimes if not always used to bring down bodies from upper floors for the mortuary and it is never a good experience being in one.

Rape has become a very sensitive topic worldwide, it began with individual’s act of courage online through a hashtag #MeToo. The hashtag has been used millions of times in at least 85 countries. So this is an issue that should never be overlooked and investigations should begin immediately. 

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