Malaria In Less Than A Minute

malariaHeadache, fever, joint pain and sweating all night anyone would tell that’s malaria. Malaria has been such a common disease in Africa that patients going to the hospital will start by saying, “I think I have malaria” before telling you their symptoms. However, the symptoms of malaria are almost the same as those of typhoid and most of the time they are likely to be confused.

According to WHO a child dies every minute from malaria in Africa a trend that is worrying. But why is such a common disease having the highest milky mortality rate?  Basically, everyone knows the signs and symptoms and what causes malaria. Mosquitoes breed in dump places, long grass next to your habitat, stagnant water, and empty cans or bottles. The point is always to destroy their breeding places.

 Most of our government health facilities give antimalarials free of charge, this means early diagnosis may prevent mortality rates no matter the poverty level. This calls for public awareness on ways to prevent mosquito bites, especially for pregnant women. Sleeping under a net, not just any net but a treated mosquito net has proved to reduce malaria cases. And for most of us who’ve tried one or two methods will notice prevention is better than cure.

Kenya is not doing badly in the fight against malaria because the government through NGOs have set plans that have shown to bear fruits. The mortality rate in children and pregnant women has dropped through such campaigns.    …. ….

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