PTs Got Lozenges Prescribed

A PT is one underrated individual doing more due to demand what is equivalent to what a PST does yet the pay cheque is struggling. You will all agree a PST deserves that all since it took longer to be ready and it is genuinely unfair to jump into conclusion that a PST is equivalent to a PT. Having experience is totally different from having the knowledge or understanding of a concept deeper. Most PSTs (they are very few as matter of fact) sadly don’t practice that’s why we have a huge gap posing the question of what exactly is the role of a PST. Practice definitely leads to perfection that’s why some PTs turn out to be far much better than a PST. What is awkward is the confusion that comes out to the “end user” the client because it is hard to differentiate between the two unless they are wearing a tag.

PSK woke up one day and thought it is not necessary for PTs to be standing behind the dispensing counters. This was not received well by PTs as you can imagine practicing for several years then from nowhere someone says you are useless. It shocked many, KPA was tasked to save its people – most PTs don’t trust the association but what could they do, if it was the only thing that could stand out for them and help survive then well. KPA is one of the oldest pharmaceutical associations and there should be respect to it only that the management style kind of turns off people. PTs only stuck to it because it was a requirement by the pharmacy and poisons board to be in PSK or KPA for one to get a premise license. The whole issue ended up with a catfight between the PPB and PSK at the end of the day PPB decided both PSK and KPA are not a requirement for one to get a premise license. That looked like a stalemate that somehow temporarily saved the day.

Way forward PTs need to upgrade. KMPDA has dentist and professional with the prefix {Dr.} balloon their bank accounts at their own pleasure. Except for politicians, 90% of Kenyans feel they are underpaid the only way the salary can rise is have a bigger certificate the more you have the better. But how do you tell a PT to get themselves upgraded yet what they earn can only buy soap to bath and cater for their transport. Some PTs really want to further their studies but how things are set up it is impossible

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