The b OD (the name has been changed) is an unpublished, unwritten imaginary book prescribed by him. The book is a gospel preaching about prescriptions, dispensing and medications in the pharmacy setting. The b OD is one artistic, imaginative and at the same time inspiring. No pharmaceutical structure of words can match the b OD. The instructions are strict, to be taken once a day as recommended by the prescriber.   The book might be published anytime soon or maybe later, but judging by its state now the release is not going to be that long.

The b OD is an idea that has grown over time starting with what looked like basic dispensing essentials to a broader spectrum of information that is exceptional. Why am I sharing this now? Or rather, this should have been kept private until everything is ripe. Me giving out hints about the b OD is basically a rubber stamp, something to remind me that I have some homework I need to do. Above this is a challenge to myself that I have to accomplish the above task the soonest I can. Simpler/easy definition – This is a long-term personal satisfaction project.

This blog, therefore, serves as a foundation and probably the nexus to the b OD. Parts of the chapters of the b OD are randomly scattered in the posts updated frequently. The title itself is what motivated the size of the book; it is going to be one thick book! TBOD is an acronym; the “b” is what gives it the size. I am poor at describing stuff and I have to admit that.

The b OD is a sad book; it gives hope, also interesting for that case. “OTC paper chasers” is one chapter I thought I should share. Talks about one of the ways the pharmaceutical industry pays an individual, the chapter expounds more on the slogan “Prescription is the label that pays me”. It brings dispensing as an art and the need of people filling prescriptions to highlight themselves as brands. At the end of the day, client satisfaction has to be the major deal.

Finally, I can neither deny nor confirm that the b OD is a complete book. It feels cool sharing the cover of the b OD, I am hoping the book is going to be helpful and more vital a game changer. Wine gets sweeter after you open it.

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